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Welcome to All About Garden Designs and Ideas for Garden Landscaping. Most all homeowners with even some open space in the front and backyards, love to develop beautiful gardens with variety of fragrant flowers, plants, fountains, pathways and lush green lawns. When it comes to garden designs and cultivation of lawns and plants, it is a very big subject that involves hundreds of different things starting with garden layout planning to care and maintenance of gardens and backyard landscapes.

A garden is a well planned space, be it outdoor or indoor, that is used for variety of purposes including display, show, leisure and relaxation place. Today, with lots of options and technological advancements, you can create wonderful gardens with natural as well as artificial or man-made materials and cultivate nature within your own homes on the patios, decks, terraces or backyards. In addition to the plants, trees and flowers, residential gardens also have many other elements and exhibits such as structural pieces, rocks, water bodies, paved pathways for jogging, ponds, swimming pools, fish ponds, waterfalls, creeks, dry creek beds, and statue, among many other pieces of landscaping. However, when it comes to the development of garden and plants, the owners should be familiar with basic skills of gardening and agriculture so as to be able to maintain the green, colorful and natural elements and portions of the garden.

Nowadays, many homeowners especially those with sufficient open space often hire the services of landscape and gardening designers and professional and they also love to spend money on creating designer and luxurious gardens within their houses. No wonder why there is a strong demand for landscape architecture courses and garden design courses. If you are planning to set up your own private garden, you might like to check out our website where you will find tons of ideas on anything and everything related to garden designs, landscape architecture, garden decoration, garden furnitures, garden supplies and check out the pictures of virtual gardens, which will surely help you to create a beautiful and stunning garden.